Italian Wedding

Italian weddings are traditionally known to be among the most lively, fun, and colorful.

The food, the atmosphere, the music: Italy is the ideal place to organize a dream wedding surrounded by nature, history, and the beauty of our country.

Whether you are romantic or you love history, whether you want a country chic wedding or you’re dreaming of a fairytale; traveling from north to south, you can choose from a wide variety of settings that can satisfy the desires of all newlyweds in every season.

The common thread running through a wedding in Italy is dreamlike locations and unique settings, capable of fulfilling the bride and groom’s dream and giving their guests everlasting memories. Plus, the cherished and sought-after privacy.

Here we are to organize your wedding, in the perfect Italian style.

True romantics choose a lakeside wedding

Perhaps it is the light that is never too dazzling, or the proverbial tranquillity of the landscape, but the lakes in Italy are popular destinations for those who dream of weddings that are elegant and never clamorous.

Magnificent villas, quaint villages, bright flowers, and the element that most of all charge them with unparalleled magic: water.

Thanks to its location, mild climate, and beautiful villas, Lake Como lends itself to ceremonies in all seasons. Famous throughout the world for its incredibly romantic scenery, it is indeed the ideal location for a luxury wedding in Italy. And the same goes for Lake Garda, with its thousand and one nights’ accommodation, or Lake Bracciano where the Odescalchi Castle dominates the lake, the surrounding countryside, and the entire town.

Mediterranean wedding is for sunset lovers

Italy and the sea, two words and one heart. Picture-postcard towns, narrow alleys, arches, small squares, and a glittering coastline will be the defining features of your wedding overlooking the Mediterranean. As well as stunning spots for signature wedding albums.

From the Amalfi Coast to Sicily, from Puglia to Liguria, getting married in a seaside resort means pledging eternal love amidst unforgettable views and breathtaking sunsets.

Ideal destinations for a perfect wedding in any season: even if spring and summer are the ones where seaside terraces are at their best, gourmet restaurants, a relaxed and festive atmosphere, and incredible locations are the common denominator for weddings overlooking the Mediterranean.

The icing on the cake is the many different activities to be enjoyed in the days before or after the wedding: guided tours of nearby cities of art, golfing, relaxing at the spa, wine, and oil tasting. Plus, of course, trips to the beach for sunbathing beside crystal-clear waters.

For bohemian spirits, country wedding suits perfectly

Fresh wildflowers, candles, lights, jute and yarn, the crackle of the brazier. Nature blends in with the decor and the atmosphere becomes magical. Organizing a country wedding in Italy with a bohemian feel will bring you much satisfaction, by focusing on authenticity and charm.

Rows of vines, farms amidst olive groves, farmhouses with exposed beams, and stone fireplaces, all lent to wedding sets where eating well is an absolute must. Vegetables from the garden, zero-mileage produce, mostly prepared in front of the guests.

Nothing quite so far from rustic ceremonies: the art of the table is at its best in these situations.

And the bonus? The warmth of the celebrations, live music, and the cheerfulness of colorful dresses, to name but a few.

City weddings, straight out of fairy tales

Opting for an Italian wedding in cities of art means choosing to get married surrounded by a fairy-tale atmosphere in every season and walking, dressed as newlyweds, through a priceless historical, artistic, and architectural heritage that chronicles centuries of history.

Perfect destinations for unforgettable shots in iconic locations, from the Rialto Bridge in Venice to the Spanish Steps in Rome, from Piazza Duomo in Milan to the Lungarno in Florence, Italy’s cities of art are home to some of the world’s most beautiful buildings. Loaded with history and legends, they are transformed into magnificent locations for when you say “I do”.

And an idea for wedding favors? An open ticket to visit the city’s museums will be the cherry on top.

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