The Philippines is made up of over 7, 000 islands and islets with a total number of populations 118,333,062 as of January 24, 2024. It is situated in the Southeast Asia scattered gracefully in the westernmost rim of the Pacific Ocean, also known as the Pearl of the Orient Sea or “Perla del Mar de Oriente” in Spanish term. It became more popular because of its country’s national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal in his last poem “Mi ultimo adios”, before he died in 1896. Out of 149 cities in this country, Manila is the capital and the chief city.

These islands are a unique blend of old and modern traditions with traces of foreign cultural influences from Chinese, Indians, and Islamic merchants who came to engage in bustling trades with the original Malay residents in the country, from the shadows of the Japanese invasion, and from the Spanish and the American colonization. The native, and contemporary sensibilities offering a wealth of occasions for exploration where fragments in the past met the present. Endless possibilities of discovery and adventure awaits you on this archipelago for its famous natural beauty and for having its rich biodiversity as tourists’ attractions. It is an ideal destination to experience and learn something new, exciting, and unforgettable.

However, the true treasure of the Philippines is not the hidden gems of the archipelago alone, but its people, who are always eager to engage travelers with their charm, and generosity. Every glance and smile are like riddles with answer keys waiting to be uncovered, and their empathy has become a hallmark of the country.
During your visit to the Philippines, you will often hear the greeting “mabuhay”, which means “long live”. It is usually used by Filipinos to welcome the guests and to show you their warm acceptance, their best wishes for your arrival and for your departure as well; while “salamat” and “walang anuman”, which means “thank you” and “your welcome” are phrases used to show their gratitude and recognition.

There are over 100 dialects, but the main spoken language throughout the entire country is Tagalog, however most people also speak English. Known for its boundless hospitality and friendly nature of the Filipinos, the nation never ceases to welcome visitors.